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Turning Ideas Into Reality.

About Us


Glass Cube Interiors has been operating in the field of global consultancy services since 1987. Over the years Glass Cube Interiors has accumulated an outstanding quality of our craftsmanship which combined with exceptional organizational skills and excellent standards of our materials, recognized by the Elite Society’s Clients  
Glass Cube Interiors helps people to translate their imagination into reality that belongs to them


Our experience, efficiency, coordination, solidity and flexibility qualities allows us to handle projects across the UAE and other  Countries, whether it is a seven stars hotel or a small luxurious villa

Glass Cube Interiors Work Group is made of Professionals… They are the AIA (American Institute of Architects) Certified…  And are used to develop concept designs for all kinds of projects including  Towers, Commercial Buildings, Malls, Residential Areas


We are used to work together to be able to solve any problems arising during completion rapidly and efficiency  
Glass Cube Interiors technical department draws up the most work flow  Frameworks, handles the designs, establish cost limitation measures and finalizes completion times – always taking the unforeseeable into account


Glass Cube Interiors is the firm that deals with designs, materials, execution and furnishings. We also into global consultancy service.



“When I first founded this company, my one and only goal was to keep the clients happy and satisfied.”

Sinan B. Al-Nasiry, Managing Director/Owner

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